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One thing I've just remembered....
When I arrived here, I had an email from one of my partners at E.V. saying that I didn't had sent yet the data for the 2nd counter that he asked for a site that was done for one client.

The first counter was setup in 15/0972000 and on that time I made a page to consult the value of the counter (it is invisible on the page where it is placed) and I was SURE that I'd sent him the URL (I did confirmed that I did send him the URL!).
An the new one I said that was on the same page.

So, by saying what he said, he has just said to everyone that he didn't even bothered to go and see the page I gave him to view the value of the counter....
I know now that another page was setup (within the site), for administration purposes but how could I know that the counter was to be there if NO ONE ever told me that?

That's what is the most funny.
It is not neither the first nor the second time that he complains that I didn't do something just because he didn't even bothered to go and see it in first place.....

Funny, isn't it?

But of course, that's probably may fault, also!

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Some days are just like that...........

You just can't WIN for LOSING.......lol

Re: Some days are just like that...........

I think that whatever I do, there will be always reasons for complains.....

Nerver mind.
I did care much at begining but I'm already taking it as a learning experience.

That's always usefull, anyway!

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