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Bijou Noire...
I have Bijou Noire at my lap, giving her kisses to my hand although Blackie Baghera is sleeping (I think) and Vickie is playing I don't know where.....

Oh! Here he is!

I miss Pati though. I really miss her and what I regret most is that I couldn't even start to make what I promised her.
It has been gaining form inside my head but I couldn't yet put it outside.

I know that where she is she is well now. At least, she doesn't suffer more.
Damn, illness is really a damn thing, especially when are those that are just impossible to cure.

Well, life goes on and I always knew that I would outlive her.
I did all I could in those 11 years and I'll never forget her memory.

Now I have these 3 little ones to take care of, together with Captain Nemo (the gold fish that is in it's world there in the corridor....)

And back to work, again....


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