António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I think things are clearer now.
If this were a game of chess, right now the pieaces on both sides would be on equivalent positions but I would be playing with the black ones.
I'm ready to sacrifice one of my towers as it would not worth the expense to mantain it under the movments of the white queen.
But not everything is chess although it helps to see it like that...
I don't know what will come from everything within the next few months but I'm aware that it will be decisive in many ways.
I've built what I have until now totally on my self and many times against the will of those arround and next to me and it will be the last thing to let it go down. I don't know exectlly how it can be sustained but I'm confident that if I managed to go this far, I'll be able to go til the end and, if everything goes right, succeed.
I'm not doing this to prove others wrong, anyway... I must not enter in that as if I do I'll +put at risk all the possibilities of success.
I must work for the project in it self and to make it grow and be solid. If any one will be then interested in the technologies developed in the process, well I'm always open to conversations. But only then and not now.
I think that I can count at the moment with 3 more persons to participate on YMK. Of course that I, alone, can't do everything. But the 4, one in each area, can do something, I believe.
Tonight, if everything happens according to what has been planed, there will be the first real planning work meeting.
I'll keep it posted here, as far as possible.

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