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Rearranging code...
I've been re-arranging code in order that I have the common elements in well defined places and files (specially those elements that have HTML), so that it can be edited easily (if necessary) and I don't have the same element in several different files.

One thing that has been happening is that ht away I use to write the CGI code has been evolving which, I think, is a good thing.

It sometimes makes me re-arrange things already done and, doing it, some times appears some minor errors that I have to correct (on missed or misplaced letter or name, etc), but out comes from there normally is to stay.

So I think that this way is to be continued as long as it proves to be useful.

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that's me, not you Antonio!

do you still want me to look at that page? so sorry for waiting so long!

-your slacker friend mel

Yes I do.

I still have to finish the main CGIs (to create, list and delete mail accounts and to alter the mail forward) but it is gaining form.

The major part of it is not the specific code to it but the code to handle sessions and make security verifications.....

Anyway, I had to rearrange the code to garanty that common elements are defined only once and are not scatered throughout different CGIs.....

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