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Ok, now I can already get any session's data....


This will enable me to get the information if the current user is a Mail Administrator or not as the previous menu (when turning back) will be different in either case....

And I have already guaranteed that even when I use the transfer_session word, all session data is retained
So, as long as the user never waits more than the session-time-to-live (15 minuets, presently) he/she can be working indefinitely.

If the session-time-to live is exceded without any interaction, the session ID and it's data are deleted and the next time the user tries to do anything, receives a INVALID SESSION error or any more "friendly" page, saying that his session has expired and leading it to the initial page.

Yes, this is working as expected and needed!

I'm going to eat something (so, I'm going into "eating mode" :-))) ) and then back to programming!....

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