António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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Living, learning and working....

Some major changes are quite unavoidable here, I think....

Anyway, my king has not been taken yet and it will have to be the opponent queen to take the expense to give me a xeque-mate.... :-))))

I soul I make it easy? Am I the one who claims that doesn't understand me and doesn't know how to work with me and, at the same time, say he/she has nothing to change, that all with him/sher is right and are the others that have to make all the necessary adjustements?

Well.... Beeing a cat, I'lll wait and see.
And, at the same time, I'll be moving on, already, to other worlds....

If any consequence this whole set of events have had, if not some more even, is that I think I'm in the route to a greater oppeness to the workd through the Internet.....
I know pretty well, already, what I want and how I want to do it. It has been gaining form for some time and some time from now it will be given birth....

From there on, we will see as it goes!

Well, back to work, which meens, back to programming mode....

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