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In fact, people are funny! Really!

Special when they are or "play" the victim.
There are cases.

I'm so fed-up with them!
I might just be growing older as some time ago I would have a lot more patience to handle them, see and observe their reaction, and just wait....

Maybe it's that now I have much more depending on me.
Maybe now I have a lot of things going on and depending on me to go well.
And Parhaps I've just run out of that type of patience....

I go to an extreme length to see if something can work together and make normally whatever changes necessary to make the whole sail together, as long the other side is doing the same.
But I do start not feeling so willing to do this as i start and keep seeing people who just claims and also says that the other soul be the one to make ALL changes and that he/she doesn't have to change anything itself.....

And if I really want to play I have already enough to play with!.... :-))

And all this what for?
If it has already been made clear (to me, at least) that what ever I do it will have always a "defect"....

I've repeated today, to someone, what I've told before.
One must do whatever thinks it is necessary and/or appropriate and I'll act accordingly.... Heck! What else can I do?

Let's see how everything turns out, anyway....

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