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Finally, Microsoft might have done it right!....

I've working on with Windows NT 2000 and I know I have on disk failing.
The same one that failed with errors some months ago.
So I've left it on the computer but knowing that is a disk I can't thrust. If it fails, it fails. All data there are just temporary.

And since this morning, I've been aware that the disk is making a lot of "funny" noises....
But I'm not going to stop working and make a reboot just because of that.

So, to my surprise, Windows a little back just showed a message saying it stop responding and that might have been disconnected, and went on working!
I think it is still trying to access the disk but the important is that the fact that a disk that has not anything fundamental for the OS should not bring a OS down by failing!

And it seems that Windows 2000 finally work this way!

Ok, so far, 5 stars!

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