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Alive and.... programming!
Alive and.... programming!

Next point: to make the necessary changes on the words to get the user configuration data (Anonymous and regular user)

And I've already started with putting something online.
Its a site done by E. V. and as it was finished, had to be online today.
That is completed now, so I'll revert to programming mode....

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sheesh Antonio... you left at 2:30 am... and you're back at work with only 5 or 6 hours of sleep?


Re: Back already?

How I wish I could do without sleep in a time like this!

That I would be like to work arround the clock for (let us say) a week and then take one or 2 days sleeping and be ready to work or do anything else again!.... :-))

(Well, I can dream, can't I?)....

You must REALLY enjoy your work :)

Re: Back already?

Yes, I do.
Especially when I'm programming and/or developing a solution for a specific problem or challange!

Re: Back already?

But, in fact, that's the way we cats are, ins't it?

How it is the Lobby Cat?

I haven't seen the lobby cat since this morning when I left for work. He was outside guarding the property...lol If other cats dare to come onto the building's grass, etc. George typically goes after them.... Can you say 18 pound bully?
He's cute actually. He acts like all 12 floors of the building not to mention the grounds are his.

Re: Back already?

And indeed they are!
So if any other cames near he'll have to show who is in charge there!

Well.... he would like to think so anyway....lol

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