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On idea....
When I create a string: variable, it really a placeholder to hold the string's address and char count.

So, in the defining word mail-alias: (for instance) I'll have to evaluate the following word and allocate space to store it and then to store it's length and it's char count on the mail-alias string....
And, if I'm compiling, I'll have to compile the words to make exactly the same when they are executed.

I've been thinking on the reason why the present implementation of this idea is nor working properly (I've already proved to me that it isn't!) and I have an idea where the failure is.....
I think that it is in the intermediate allocation of the value I get. I'm using it from the transient space where it is putted and not allocating it to a permanent space to it.

So I'm going to test the validity of this theory and see if I'm right or not!

I'll report the results latter.