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It's so frustrating to advance only slowly!....

Extremely tired but there is one thing that gives me strength to go forward.... Although having to fight hard to put this working, the fact is that this like a physical exercise; It might hurt the muscles but the result will be seen sometime after!

This night I'm going to take the work I've been doing and build the first version for an actual E.V's client (it was adjudicated today, I've been told).

I passed part of last night and all morning fighting to correct the effects of some bugs that appeared (one of them was in some old code, done in March/April, and that had never revealed itself yet -- but that one might explained why some previous work, then, failed to work as expected, I believe. Well, I'll check on this latter, anyway).
But they are corrected now and 4th-HTML has gone from version 0.025 to 0.030.

Another thing I'll have to workout this night is why wen I read the configuration file with the values for a specific user, they don't end up in the required variables, they just aren't anywhere.
I think that I'll might having a side effect (or behavior) of the GForth running environment, but I must understand why it happens like this, so I can go forward.

I've been confirming all I already knew about CGIs and although they are hard to program (and, specially, very, very hard to debug), they have a lot of potential.
And if I had already my 4th-HTML like I have it planned, no doubly I would be able to do more in less time!

Well, I don't have the time to dedicate solely to it's development so I'll have to get it along while I am developing applications over it, which is quite much more complex but can give works to be seen while I'm still developing the platform....

I'm going out for a while, now, as I have the eyes to stressed and have to rest for a while.
Back to programming latter!

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