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WebCam stuck
My parallel WebCam II (for the parallel port) has just stop responding and I can only reset it by powering the computer off, what I don't wasn't to do now, as I'm here working.

So I've just plugged in another WebCam II (USB) and now I'm downloading it's driver for Windows NT 2000....

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helloooooo, my friend

I seeeeee youuuuuuuu!!!!


Re: helloooooo, my friend

From a sorter distance, too....
This one is just in from of me (40-50 cm) on top of the scanner!.... :-))

(Deleted comment)
And now you can see even from a closer distance...
I've just installed another cam, here in fronto of me (over the scanner) that will go along with the other...

Anyway, I wish you wnjoy going to Brad's LJ party as I'me here in Portugal and can't go... :-(((

Enjoy the party!

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