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Still recovering from the BSOD!.....

Well, my main email file is already quite large and every time Calypso crashes, it will go through all it's folders and checks for everything and then starts making a new file.

I know that I should send some email to backup and start again with a new one (but with all the folders and filters, just empty) but with all the work it means I never did it.
So I must plan it for as soon as possible as from this point on, it will only grow and grow.... :-)))))

Well, as soon as it ends I'm going out to have dinner with my wife and son as this night will be a "hard night's work" to be able to catch up with the time I've had to spend during the day in order to solve some urgent problems requesting my intervention.... :-))

Well, that's life! (work's life, I mean!...)