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I had to stop VMWare here, this afternoon (which gives me 2 computers on one hardware! HeHeHe!..... One Linux computer inside Windows NT 2000....) to release the diskette drive (had been "grabbed" by the Linux computer (under VMWare).
Then after I stomped also the WebCam32 (to use the scanner and printer) and started VMWare before starting WebCam32 again......

So, when I started the WebCam32 suddenly occurs to me that the Windows NT 2000 could give a "blue screen of death (BSOD is the official name by which they are known inside Microsoft, also!... LOL ) but nothing happens....

Ok, I'm free! (at least for the moment)....

But a little ago, when switching cameras again (to regain access to the parallel port to use the scanner), PUFF! A "beautiful" BSOD!

But I was caught unguarded as I could have closed some programs and ended the VMWare session before....

Ok, we are always learning.

As soon as possible, I should pass to the USB version of my scanner (which didn't existed yet when I bought this last year) and pass to the USB version of the cameras....

But it will wait a little longer as I know from own experience that changes in a computer configuration SHOULD NEVER be done when there are works being done.....

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