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Must go and rest a while as I do have some more programming to do in the morning....

See you all latter, then!

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For you too (and Tina, of course) as soon you arrive home!

See you in the morning!

You really work too hard Antonio. It's the weekend. Take your gorgeous little kid out for a bit and have some fun. Leave the work for next week.

I will, today in the afternoon.
But I really have to work as I have a deadline to meat.... :-)))

And I must add that I'm always beeing interrupted by things that must have a higher priority....

The problem is that the one whom this should concern also is giving a damn for it and don't care for it....

Anyway, I've survived already to harder tasks, so it is not this one that is going to "kill" me!

In a way or in another, I'll sail to my harbour!

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