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Technical issues vs. Political issues.....

It might seem that I'm going to talk about some political party or a government or something alike, but that supposition couldn't be colder!....

I think that one of the main differences between myself today and 10 to 15 years ago is mainly my awareness for the fact that quite often what I call "the political issues" become as much or even much more relevant than the "technical issues".

That came again to my mind today, on a client, while I was trying to see the reasons why the software they have (custom made for them, over a specific platform) was giving some errors while making access to it's database.
It seams that these errors are not new and have been happening sometimes (at least) since the beginning of this year, if not before.

With this, no big deal... It's a normal situation to have problems and issues to be solved. If it wasn't that way, what the hack would I or others like me be doing?... :-)))

What strikes me as somewhat odd is that, apparently, no one tried to see the cause for the "illness" and seems that were "blaming" (,May i use such a strong word?...) each other...

I didn't knew anything about the platform used there or the program but I did took some time to dig the server logs looking for errors and I have an idea of what might be the cause of the problem although now, to go further, I'll have to pass that information for the platform's technical support as it is beyond my present capabilities.

Probably that is one of my "defects"... I really try to lookout for causes and try to understand why things don't work, when they simply don't.
That's why I prefer then not having to work with "black boxes" of which I know nothing of their inside.... Of course I can't avoid them all together, but whenever possible, I try it.
But I have some "down effects" of this, also...
If things are complex (and sometimes are) I might end up taking to much time to be able to understand the problem and find a real solution, not just a palliative. And the time I take some times is not understood as (at least) advisable...

Damn, I know that the pressures to make things fast are tremendous (mainly in now days) but I keep remembering an old Portuguese saying that says:

"Fast and well, tell me who can do it..."

I know that in all times are necessary compromises and that forces me to work in a multilevel way. Quite complex but I can't avoid it.

And from all the time I already have of solving others problems, I'm aware that as time goes by there is a "residual" element that stays...
It's that I'm more able today to understand the "political reasons" than what I was when I was 15 ou 20....

But sure it is quite hard sometimes...
But can I complain when for the same price I get a development in my patience capacity all free?
Two for the price of one, seems a good deal to me...

Or am I wrong?

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