António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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I've earn the night!

I've been working here all night but I manage to accomplish my goal: to know exactly how the Cookie mechanism works.
I've had already read about it but it didn't fill in all the gaps and doubts I had.
So I went for "test mode".

And I've been already able to set so cookies and do it without some "black box" magic of some code not written by me whish I don't know nothing about nor do I know how it works.....

I know already how to set it. And once set it will keep on being sent by the browser that has it and I know already not only their format as here it is putted (in which environment variable passed to the CGI).

This might not seem much to some but it is fundamental to build "sessions" between server and browser....

And by having done it without recurring to any one else's code or "black box" is very important (at least for me) as this is one of the most important LEGO pieces I can have.....

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