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Split options....
I've just been asked if I was interested into going to work as the person responsible for a software product that has been in development....

I gave an honest answer today and we agreed to talk again by the end of the month.
So, lets wait and see how everything develops in the meanwhile....

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Yay Antonio! Would you need to work in their office> If so, will they let you set up a webcam? I hope so!

They would be LUCKY to have you.

Re: how exciting!

If I happen to say yes and we reac to an agreement, I would be working at their office all day and, only after I'm out of there, will come here to my own....
So it will be a "split" job... :-)))

(By no way I'm going to give up what I've been fighting so hard for to get all my life!)

As I'm busy with a work right now and I'll have to go out of town for about 2 weeks (sort of a little holidays although I'll have to take some things to do there....), we agreed to talk again in the end of the month.

By the time, anyway, I hope to know a little more about the decisions I do have to take.
It hurts me a bit the fact that some people don't see the work unless its just under their nose (and even then, some times might not be noticed) but it is something that I've been acostumed to live with....
But, for me, the question is quite clear as I said again, when we had lunch together....
The other sida has the whites now, so theirs is the first move. Acording to it, I'll move my pieces latter.

See you tomorow!

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