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Time to reflect....

When we are in the middle of events often it isn't easy to keep the necessary distance to be able to reflect in what is happening at the moment.
Quite often I'm able to be doing something and, at the same time, have the "eery" feeling of being watching my self at the same time. But is always better not to act on the moment's rush and be able to reflect and decide what to do a little after, when we are not son "red-headed"!

Normally, the vision we can have is very much more clearer although there is the risk that we might not go as far as we would like in order to break with something we decided to do, some time already.

But, again, I recall to me the dam example....
Or the rope being pushed from both sides.... No one really knows how much it will hold until it breaks.

I think that, in a way, whatever is happening will be necessary in the future, that I have experience to gain from it (in more than one way, perhaps), as I do believe that everything that happens has a reason.

I do remember now that some one from the 1996 team was the first one to pull out.... He made a proposition which was not even considered at the time.
I said that was a possibility, we should take EV by that way, also, as e kept trying the major goal at the time.
But the idea didn't "catch-up", so he got away.
Now, the fire is on me and I do make a wide recall and look it all together and can see some interesting behaviors.
Of course, I'm not the one that is going to bring it to "discussion" as I can't be judge in self cause; at least, I shouldn't be. And i really try not to be.

If ways are to part, at some point, what can I do? Or better, what can I do that hasn't been done already?
And the funny part is that probably, in each point of views both are right; just speaking two different languages.

When someone says to me "I don't understand you" my 1st reaction is to just reply "So that is your limitation". And that is even stronger as I do really understand the other side and the reasons why it does act the way it does.... Looking from this angle, there is little that can do. Unless both are willing to change courses (I am but from the other side repeatedly has been said that it's way it's the right one and doesn't pretend to change), there will be a small space for maneuvering....

And what really makes me said is all that could have been done and it is not because it is not possible but only because one side just doesn't seem to want it...

Well, life is really made of this (along with much more) and I know exactly what I have to do.

I only am a little sad because once again, short term sight, seems to have won (at least)....

But time will tell.
Go one with living live and working with what I have to be done!

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