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I'm right, period!
And thus is anybody else wrong? (may I ask....)

I know that the conclusion is mine but I know damn well whom to make just a sentence to let the pretended conclusion be open to be taken....
So do others.

I always try to be precise and accurate and really am "sort of" pissed-off when some one with whom I'm talking with just assumes he/she's right and refuses to consider any other possibility....

Probably, feeling just that is only but my own fault...... ( :-(( )

But if it weren't for the fact that are others involved too and who doesn't have a damn thing to do with this disputes, it would be just "funny" to see were everything leads to.

Parhaps I'm just feed up of people who act impulsively and then just try to find some one as "the guilty" one for everything that didn't went right or as expected.
I never tried to escape from my responsibilities, so I don't need now any one to try to do it just to me (or others, but I can only speak for myself, of course....)

But it has some positive points, thought, even on the hardest way....
Everyone is the way it is and we always have to deal with all sorts of people. And the "training" and experience I gain in this, I'm sure it will be necessary and invaluable in the future, as I do believe that all has its purpose....
so, instead of beefing mad, let me try to re-invest that energy and anger I do sometimes feel, in more constructive ways, so that in the end, I can finish with things accomplished and more able to deal with whatever life do reserves on the next corner....

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I would like to see you pissed off Antonio ... am watching you! :-)

I bet you would!..... :-))))

But as far as I am able to no one will as long I cand divert all that energy to some more contructive ways....

Of course there is nothing wrong to just explode.... Sometimes it's better than to let it just accomulate elndlessly.

But, also I too often remember myself of the damm "lesson".... The higher the water is the more potential it has do do it's work. But it can't be left to go over or it will just destroy the damm.

The same applies to all in life, I believe.

It's always better to be able to change simple anger or irritation into will and power to act and build something.
It's more usefull and with less damages!

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