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Vanessa Mae
Listening to Vanessa Mae's violin....

After "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" (of Bach, naturally -- the original...) I'm listening to "Contradanza" and that will be followed by " Classical Gas" and others.....

It's her "The Violin Player" album (her's first, if I'm not wrong....)

Violin is violin and it's sound will always warmth the coldest heart!

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ever listen to Robert Miles' Dreamland cd? It's pretty inspirational, motivational, relaxing, etc. You'd probably like it!

No I haven't!... I'm must try to discover it so I cant listen to it!...

(And I'll tell you latter if I do like it or not.... Probabilly I will...)

Robert Miles - Dreamland cd?

yep.... it's awesome!

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