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It's never easy, even when one knows that there is no other way.

I really want to thank all those who gave me their support throughout this situation. I'll never forget, as I'll never forget her.
And I'm sure that, wherever she is now, she knows and will never forget, also.

Now, I just have one last promise to her that has still to come to light and it will in due time.

But, once again, thanks to all who showed their support; it's really when there are hard times one can see who really cares and is true friend....

Sorry for my sadness, but that will pass within due time.

One again, thanks to you all!

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keep your chin up....

it's hard Anthony... I know... but she's in a better place now.

my thoughts are with you, friend.

you did the best hing for her that you could. she is out of pain and in a beautiful place.

{{{{{more hugs}}}}}

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