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It's a sad day today....
Today, 25.08.2000 will be a truly sad day for me.

I really have work to do but I'm really tired and I'm going to rest for a while, as in the morning I have something I really must do, for the much it might cost me.
So, I'm off to the Land of Dream, as there, at least, I can be with her and she isn't ill.

See you all latter....

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Ooooooo my thoughts are with you today. You are doing the right thing, my friend. She will go to a beautiful place.

{{{{{Many hugs}}}}} to you both. Please let us know how you are feeling throughout the day.


I'm so sorry to hear that. I had to have one of my cats put down a few years back. It was very hard to do.

Just try to remember the good times you had with her amigo! My thoughts are with you.

me so sad for you. if i could i would lick you and make you fewl better. :-(

~benny licks and loves. xxooxxoo

My sympathy is with you Antonio. Over the years I"ve had to make the same decision with my "children". I know it was the best thing for them, even though it wasn't for me. I stayed with all of them to the end, and the peace that passed over them as they took their last breath has always comforted me.

People say animals don't have souls...well people that have been loved and have loved precious pets will disagree. (as I vehemently do!) How could an animal not have a soul when each and everyone of them have different personalities?

Cry shamelessly Antonio...she deserves it. And she'll be back in your life one day, maybe in another form...but she'll be back. (Ask Mel...her mother is watching her.)Our loved ones never leave us.

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