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I've been reflecting on some of the last few day's events and although I do believe there is still much more to take from them, I've already noticed some "interesting" things....

In fact, those who don't know and still don't want to know and/or learn, are the ones that in many circumstances create more issues than the ones that they might solve or might be solved by others.

And what really matters to me, right now, is not only any specific event but much more what seems to be a trend, in many places.
Fortunelly I am involved at the same time with a quite large number of persons and end up knowing a lot of different situations.
And while not pretending to say that the ones I know of are representative of the whole, it enables me, at least, to know a little more than just my belly button and has allowed me, throughout my life, to be able to avoid some mistakes I've seen others commit....

Perhaps I should say "amen" more often...
Perhaps I should let go ahead even when I know or am quite aware that the chances of success are quite low and to much depending on hazard it self....
Perhaps I should be a little more "hypocrite", like it seams to be usual in so many situations, and make my left hand forget what my right one knows....

Surely it would be easy.

But I'm not here to make things only the easiest way; I try to make them the best way I know how.
And if I'm so much the "guilty one" of all hazards, why the ones that do say it don't take the time and/or effort to teach me?

Really, there are things in this Universe that seem to be beyond my very limited comprehension..... :-))))

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