António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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I think that somewhat soon, I'll be able to have the possibility to start with my own Forth system WITHOUT any other OS!


The aim will be to make boot code to startup some 286's and 386's with this boot code, so that I can proceed development there.

One thing I've already found in the Retro ForthOS (which I already had read about and could comprove in practice now) is that the code it has to handle the keyboard doesn't account to the numerous bug full keyboard controllers that there are around.... So I'll look up into Linux keyboard handler and use it as the base for the keyboard driver.

Another thing, will be to pickup the existing code I already have here and modularized it into the co-processor/sub-system modules my OS uses.....

It will be funny, anyway!

I only can wish I could have more time to play just with this and not only with development for a living......

Well, I suppose the one can't have it all and let me be honest with myself: what we conquest in a hard way, is the one that can give us the most fun and is the hardest to be forgotten!

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