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(no subject)
We win some battles and loose others....

It seams that I'm winning in by "battle" to cure the wound Pati Vesta had made on herself by licking at one of the tumors. It has closed and looks very much better now although not totally cured.

But she has been acting quite strange today... She didn't even went for her favorite "outpost" wher she uses to be all day having sun...
I don't know what the future reserves us but the moments I've spent with her all the time we both were together, those I'll never forget them.

I'ts funny, though...
When she was just a little puppy cat (1 and 1/2 months) the came to the balconny fro the building where I was living and cryied for help....
Now, with almost 11 years, I'm the one still carrying for her...

I hope she has learned from our life together because I've learn quite a lot!

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I am glad she is better.


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