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(no subject)
" cams working.....
One is the one fixed here, the other is from the laptop....

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You have 2 cams Antonio? I wanna see the other one, please?!?!??

The second one is the one connected to the laptop.
You can see the file (right now rhere is not a page yet....) in:


very cool! no time on it yet though ... do you have both camson the same Internet connection? What webcam software are you using? I use Webcam 32. It's okay.

The connection is made through the my permanent access to the Internet here.
As the server to where I FTP the images are inside, the 3 second refresh on both are not an issue; Really, is't only LAN traffic....
But if I am with the laptop computer elsewhere and connect WebCam32 and the Cam to upload images to here, then I must take into account if I can mantain the 3 second refresh rate or have to slow it down a little bit.

One question I still have here is that as long I'm behind IP masquerading here (done with the firewall code of the Linux server that gisves access from my internal LAN to the Internet, the IP address seen from the Internet is the IP address of the IP masquerading server and not the real private range IP address the Windows computers reaaly have here.
So, I cannot make a stramming cm accessible from outside.

I'll need a relay software (a CGI, really) that will reside in the IP masquerading server that will be accessed from the outside and, in it's turn, access WebCam 32 for the streaming data.
It's not something very dificult but will be done after the IP adres modification I'm planning for the beginning of Setember.

I'll be out, probabilly, from next thursday to the beging of September, so the access to the internet will not be as ferqunt but I'll try to do it as often as possible....

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