António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Yesterday was a learning day...
I tryied to upgrade the Linux server at the office from RedHat 6.0 to RedHat 6.2 just to find, after a quite large number of hours (it is just a 486@50 MHz with 20 MBytes of RAM) that the upgrade wasn't working as suposed....
So I had to go for base install and manual instalation adjustments that took the rest of the day.

But the worst and more complicated part was that some things are now a little diferent so I had to discover that also and made the necessary changes....

So I was at that until 19h30m.....

Anyway, I can't say it was a lost day, anyway.... If it wasn't yesterday it would be next monday as I have another server to upgrade to Mandrake 7.0......

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