António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It's finally starting to show it up!....

It's finally taking visible form!

I still had to add a number of functions to the current 4th-HTML version (it was thus incresed from 0.024 to 0.025) and correct some bugs discovered while I was using it, but it really promisses.

And I must find the necessary time to make an experiment....
I must know which is the order by which a document is handeled by the different Apache modules....
Specifically, I want to know if the document I generate through a CGI (and reemmber that ALL 4th-HTML files are really CGIs) is still handeled by other modules until it is served to the browser or if it is directlly sent to the browser....
Like if the documment the CGI generates has a mime type associated with a particular Apache module, if it still goes to that module and be processed by it befor it finally is sent to the browser....

If it is still processed, then the possibilities are termendous!

Well, I'm going to make a brake to go out a little with my wife and son.
See you all latter...

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