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(no subject)
I'm atending to IDC's Business Continuity & Storage event, here in Lisbon, and, again, while at lunch, I had another 'deja-vu' experience while looking at the other persons at the same table where I was seated at.

It is possible that one or two persons there where persons I had already met in other events. But the majority where not.

And, yet, the whole disposition stroke me as "seen before"!

It is interesting as from time to time I live through one of these experiences and or neither I'm more aware of them or they are happening more oftenly as I move to a more intervening role in my own life, starting to call events onto my own hand and not just expect someone else to do and provide them for me.

Yes, its interesting to observe that and try to understand how isosyncronicities happemd and the major part the present!

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Happy Birthday Sweety Pie!!
Sending you lots of hugs and kisses!

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