António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Working with my new Nokia N810 internet tablet... :-)

It's realy marvelous how a little device (it is physically small and, even on the CPU, just an ARM6 -- a TI OMAP processor) can include so much and, on top of it, with Linux.

So it is to have a window to the world as it can either connect to the Internet by Wi-FI (my own or in any hotspot) or even through bluetooth to my Nokia E65 cellular phone.... :-)

Really, this will be a very important element in my route to be always able to solve any question I might find in my work, wherever I am and either I'm in the office or on the go, without the need to "fire-up" the laptop!

So, like I did yesterday night, I can check the servers and, if needed, start-up the laptop (which with Puppy Linux is also a fast and easy process) and solve the problem right away!

The next 2 steps will be to install an ASUS 500 router with an Huawei E220 modem in the car to have ALWAYS the possibility to have internet access, and to prepare another one which I can carry around, wherever I go, so it can work either from mains power or from accumulators (5V - 12,5W it is not a too high power requirement than a little box of the size of the router itself, can't provide!

And, on the question of why to use Linux yesterday I explained, again, to Gabriel and Rafael that the point is not to be against anything -- everything has it's advantages and disavantages and one should ALWAYS choose them in face of the pondering of both.

There are cases in which I would recommend and go for a Windows (although I truly dislike the commercial tactics of Microsoft and other closed source vendors!...) but, for my own use, I don't really see any advantage in it -- price, bloat, hardware requirements, etc...

But it is important to build up a reputation of being honest and independent as a consultant; that is the best value I can gain and accumulate.

In the long run it does pays off.

And, in the short term, allows me to learn more and gain a wider experience, which is always, as well, a GOOD THING!

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