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Time realy flies.... :-)

Well, being arround Linux, which is the OS I use for daily use (I only use Windows when I'm called to solve a problem others just can't figure out how to solve, go figure!...), and the more I know it the better I like to use it.

So, it's now time to re-start a almost one year old project of build my own linux distribution as I couldn't find one, yet, that includes everything the way I wan't it to be....

So far, I'm going to stick with a binary (pre-compiled) set but the bootstrap will be completelly re-built...

It has passed about one year since I gave Gabriel and Rafael computers running the linux Puppy distribution ( which is an amazing distribution -- simple, running in old hardware (PII with 256 Mbytes of RAM is enough to have a modern desktop with what can be expected from it but the usual bloat!) -- and I'm also running it, too, as a personal OS on the laptop.

I have a full blown OS (an Xubuntu 7.04 -- with a LOT of other software, which is an effective "modern" desktop, with everything -- also with the traditional weight...) but run also a little Puppy 3.01 here, starting from a Live CD but with the presistent storage file on the laptop's hard disk.

And throughout this time a lot has been happening and, mainly, the ideas I had back one year ago, have matured and I can see the picture of the distribution to be done much more clearlly and in much more detail.

I still think as I always did that to just do one the way they are normally done, is quite of useless unless for self satisfaction and to use time you have available...
I do not, and the real motive comes from the point that from what I've already learned from the inumerous different distributions I already know (unfortunelly I still don't know them all!... :-) ), there is still ways to do things in a more flexible and effective way.

To my own use, sure, and a way to give back a little of the much I've benefited from Linux, in a whole, and open source software, also.

So, I'll be posting results, here, as milestones are reached, although this is a spare time project only, unfortunely... :-(

I do need to have results to show before I can even consider to use it in any other projects, but that is the long term goal.

In fact, the time we usualy spend understanding black boxes made by others, many times is more productive by just picking up on the basic LEGO bricks and build the contruction from ground up.

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