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(no subject)
There are things that are more pre-sensed than just understood and their causes clearly understood and I've never got to feel "at ease" with it....

If I'm to talk about this with anyone, I'll be just labelled "crazy" or that it is just "my imagination" and I'm seing and imagin things....

I, honestly, just hope it is as I do know me well enought to know that, for the most I fight to keep ongoing what I've been doing, here, I'm not going to accept it at "any price".
And I'm not going to be just another "sheep in the pack". I can go along, because I understand why it must be so, in order of the whole be one but I'm not going to just say "yes sir..." blindly, whatever the cost might be.

More like a bean, when squeezed.... Probably it will "pop forward"... And, if such case unfortunelly happens, so will I.