António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I've just red Mel's diary and it really made me think a little.

I know I need to rest a little but I'm also to much excited by the fact that I made what I wrote in 4th-HTML working at first that probabilly I'll work just a little more.

One thing though.... There is so much inside my mind relating to what I know I have to build and make and the fact is that I KNOW exectelly what has to be done and how, but things must be prioriterized in the time he have to do them.

Anyway, I wish others could have the possibility to see the possibilities that are beeing opened by what I've been building...
This administrative site will be one of the 1st real uses of what is already done.

Really, if I manage to make LEGO blocks, I really have it made!

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