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(no subject)
Building my first LINUX system right now.... :-)
(under LFS... Under T2 SDE will be next.... )

Fingers crossed I got it all right and the build process gors smoothly until the end...

First aim?
Router/firewalls, to be used here, at work.
One that suits ALL the requirements I have on the "drawing board" (read, sheet of paper... :-) ) but, if all goes right, as expected, it won't stop there.

One essential specification?
It must be modular and have a contained configuration system that allows for the rebuild of the router/firewall without having to install from scratch and, at the same time, have it managed throught a central management system.

I know it sounds somewhat ambitious, but after studing and evaluated almos all the linux base router/firewalls solutions that currently exist (without leaving the GPL universe), I've came to the conclusion that, having a solid binary base (Linux can give me that) the rest will the naturaly follow, with lessons learned from the implementations I've already studied.

But I'll post the progress, as it goes along.