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(no subject)
It's a happy day, today!

In work we have a computer that had to be set-up with Windows, so it can run a Windows based administration program for the printers we are installing. Fine.

But the program MUST be accessed from the outside (internet) and, at the same time, have access to the printers (INSIDE). ???...

Ok, I devised a solution, through a VPN to the computer, then VNC to the computer (throught the VPN) and the computer is not connected directly to the internal network but in the BLUE interface of an IP-COP.

It works.

What doesn't work is that the program, when clickin on a printer icon, just BLEWed! (This program has caused an error and will be terminated by Windows) -- how explicit and helpful the error message is! :-(

So, yesterday, we decided ro re-install the Windows (just a bare Windows, not from our usual instalation) and install there the program to see if it gave the same error or not.

Today, when I arrived, my workmate who installed it, just told me he installed a Unbutu Linux, with the VmWare server and, inside, the Windows.

Great! That's what I've been defending a long time ago.
And with the VmWare server being now free, it doesn't even has the "cost factor" to deterent it.

But what I like most, is that wasn't I who proposed and did it.

I'm all in favor of using Linux as much as possible insead of propriatary solutions (named them Windows, Oracle, or whatever) because in that case we have always an option and are not entrenched on propriatary standards (or quasi-standards).
There are points where the use of Windows is unfortunely necessary (for several reasons, from technical to political ones) but then care should be tacken to use it safelly.

I know I'm the Penguin, here (I usually remember others that if I used FreeBSD, I would be a Red Devil!... :-) ) but it's good (and usefull) not to be the unique voice saying that having choices, alternatives and not a monoculture, is a GOOD THING!

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and you're a good penguin too.

now... they need to resolve the "macromedia flash" argument and get support for it on the linux platform!

(this keeps linux from being a solution for kids... who play flash based games on the weeeeeb)

For Gabriel and Rafael I arranjed them, both, computers with PuppyLinux, a very small Linux distribution with ALL you would expect on a desktop but, at the same time, lightweight.... It runs in just 256 Mbytes of RAM, loading everything from CD to RAM....

I don't know if you have ever tried but it does worth.

About flash it has flash 7 (not flash 9, yet), so it is quite usable. (The site I use to test is the LEGO site).

And have them imune to pop-ups, pop-uders, etc.... A very WIN-WIN situation.

I shall indeed investigate further. :)

And if Puppy Linux doesn't have all the applications you need, you can install more from an application it has that goes to ibiblio.org and fetches them by WGET and installs them.

And, if that even is not what you need, you can get Puppy Unleashed, get the tar.gz files with the packages for the already compiled programs and build a new Pyppy Live CD or DVD...

I've made this already this weekend and it's quite easy.

Anyway, if everything goes well, from n ow on, I'm going to start to build Linux for a number of situations and get it more tailored for whatever I need to use it.

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