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Packet drop...

It seems that the fact of being over FrameRelay didn't stop one of our ISPs to just drop any network packet that exceeds the circuit's CIR....

It had never happened before but, somehow, there was a change in policy as it is happening now and I've already, with their help, rulled out any possibility of malfunction in the transport layer....

So, again, I'm facing mail problems, here, and in this case there is nothing I can do but watch and wait.... for the traffic to go down!

One good thing, from all this, is that I'm learning a lot as the problems appear and get worked arround; and now, I have one question I've started to ask, here, relating to our new internet access that is on the roleout phase...

How is it going to be with the INBOUND path? Are they also going to discard EVERY network packet that overpasses the contracted bandwith?
I can easily limit on the OUTBOUND path (I have it already here, working, on another circuit) but HOW do I do it in the INBOUND path on the end-point?

No one, yet, gave me an answer but I'm determined to go to the bottom of this.
If no one have thought this before, I have (already) and I'm not going to let this matter die until we can workout a solution!

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