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"Mindless" action...

Lately I've been progressively trying to do more oftenly what I would call, in the lack of someting more appropriate (it it exists, at all...), "mindless" action.

It's not to act without paying attention to what we are doing, by the contrary!
It's to acto, totaly aware of the action and of what we are doing and is going arround us but, yet, having our mind quiet, in rest, and not letting our thoughts to step into the way.

And it's very interesting the watch the results.

Suddenly we bocome much more aware of what is going on and arround us but in a diferent level. We are not thinking wether we are going to do this or that -- we simpky do whatever we need to do.

And, as much, our mind can be a quiet and peaceful watcher of the whole process.

It's someting dificult to describe in just words... In fact, it belong much more to the intuitive half of our brain than just to the logic and reason half.

But, in the process, it seems that a number of new doors start to open and I can realy see things in a diferent prespective, which is something wonderful!

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