António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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Good day!

Good morning!

It has been raining a lot, here, in Portugal, these last days...

Well, rain is needed but it makes things a little harder, specialy when it alows us to find out that the our roof is letting water to pass through...

I have the roof broken since the Lisbon earthquake back in 1969 and, since I live in the top floor, I'm the 1st on to get with the water that passes through.
So the impermeablization done regularly is the only defense against it and it was made again this summer -- to discover now that it was not done in a proper way as the roof is not water tight! :-(

Well, I guess that there are things in life worse than this although I'm seing that I'll have to go through the Winter with "pumps on" to avoid to go "under".... :-)

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