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And of course, it surely must be an inability of mine to understand some minds out there....

Ok, sending media content is not allowed to pass through the inbound MailScanner (or the outbound ones, as well).

Someone tryed to send almost a thousand mails with films (it account's to media attaches, of course)... -- dumb, IMHO...

The same address of origin, the same address of destiny for those mails... -- double dumb, again IMHO...

Those mails only have 2 (!!!) xxx rated video clips, and were being repeated again and again... -- triple dumb, of course again IMHO...

For each mail, 2 mails were generated by the mailserver (MTA) in both ways (one for the sender another for the person to which the mail was intended), warning that the mail had an attachment which was removed and not allowed to follow...

And, finaly, I just had to refuse mail comming from that address on the outer-edge MTA...

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