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Something I'll never understand, I guess, is why some persons, whom we work near with, rather prefer to say something by a mail than just say it personally....

Well, to be more precise, I DO understand a number of reasons WHY they might proceed this way but, nevertheless, I still think that it doesn't make sense, unless one is afraid of me (which is completely ridiculous as I don't bite nor harm any one -- for me the phrases 'Do to others what you wish they would do to you' and 'whatever you do, will return to you' ARE NOT meaningless but a guide in life), are placing themselves in a high pedestral (it's always possible, of course, even it doesn't make any sense -- to me, at least) or are trying to build a case (with which purpose, beats me...)

Nevertheless, I opted to answer although my first reaction was just to ignore the whole subject -- indeed are things that are better to be left unacknoledged....
But, at the same time, it's always better to not leaving loose ends on anything, even when we can't see their relevance.

Life was more ways to express it self than I can even dream off...

So be it.

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