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(no subject)
1,7 GBytes of mail in the quarentine???

It's TOO much! (used to be about 500 Mbytes 2 weeks ago...)

What's going on? Everyone just started sending movies and other content that are not going to ge through?...

Well, going into programming mode as I must automate the handeling of this :-)

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blame the russian hackers...

I do. :)

I'm not blaming anyone (yet) but myself for not having done already the tools I have in my mind in order to automate the handling of the quarentine.

It has been a "to be don" item but not an impending one.

But wiith this amount (and it tends to get worse, I think), I have to automate it.
For as much I try to be overseeing the space spent, soon or latter I'm caught unguarded by it.

By the way, on another front, how's going the new house? Is it already finished?

come visit the www.corto.ca/corto/corNewCasa.html website and look at the last pictures in the gallery.

All done and we're working on the yard... and the "finish the basement" projects. :)

it's lovely. :)

Unfortunely I can't see the WVM files on Linux has they use the latest WMV3 codecs.... :-(

I'll try to see them at home where there is (still) one computer running Windows....

Nothing against Windows NT technology...
But a lot to try to stay away from the Microsoft tactics... :-)

Ok, I'll try to see them then!...

no no... you can "click" the gallery icon and go to an image library of still photos... :)

HEY stranger!!! good to see you.

I suppose I am, although I've never been realy away... Only not posting much.

How's everything on your cornner of the world? :-)

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