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Nothing is guaranteed....

In top of the whole sort of eye's problems my wife has had almost over 30 years, the one that still has the ability to see a little more than just light and shadows is now hurting and in the middle of another crisis.

This surely brings to my memory that the only requirement really needed to loose something is to have it.
The only requirement to become blind is to have sight.

We (all of us) normally don't think upon this or these matters very much; one sees so it's natural to take that as granted.
One hears so it's natural to take that as granted.
One lives, so it's natural to take that as granted.

But life it is not neither the yesterday nor the tomorrow. It's just the present moment, to whom we arrived from we were yesterday and from we will depart to the tomorrow.
That's, really, why the present, this right moment is so important and why is so foolish not to live it in total awareness of what is inside and outside, in the whole Universe, as the choices we do or don not do, do decide which our very next present will be!

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