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(no subject)
Fingers crossed!

I've moved one of our core-routers to the core network where it is to be, from now on, and brought to live the CheckPoint Firewall-ONE load sharing cluster into live production. Now, with it's 3+3 MBits switching capacity, and armed with a statefull inspection firewall, is acting as the main router giving access to our Data Center and to the external networks leading to the Internet.

As people arrive, I'll be able to see which problems arrise and if it realy stands up without dropping to many packets because from now on the rules concernig the network traffic are much more strict....

So, let's be honest.... Problems and issues WILL arrise (I'm an optimist, you know?... :-)) ). I just don't know from where will they come first.... :-)

So, keeping all my 40 fingers crossed (I borrow my twin's fingers too!... )...