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(no subject)
Whenever I get a minimally stable system I really must do rescue disks!
Even if not all is already installed!

I must re-install Windows 2000 as it doesn't start and I cand just make a recovery (no actual rescue disks! Fast is some times pretty slow!....) nor just an update install as it refuses to do so if it enconters more than one OS in the system!

Note to self: Do spend the time to make rescue disks as soon as you alter or install anything!

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Hi Antonio,

You might know this ... how do I ban a specific IP # and ISP user from accessing a web site? Is there a script that can be used?


I've already posted this in your LiveJournal, but I post it here, also


If the WEB server is hosted in a unix/Linux server, it is as simply as to edit the /etc/hosts.allow & /etc/hosts.deny files to setup which IP / IP range can and/or can not access each service that goes through the inetd daemon. That might include the WEB server or not, depending the configuration.

But with a Apache WEB server can be even simpler as the Apache configuration permits the specification of the IP/IP range that will be either allowed or denied access to that server.

With a NT based WEB server there will be equivalent possibilities although I would need to know the specific WEB server software to try to find out.

Either way, this must be acomplisheb by the Administrator of the machine where the server is localted (must be root for unix/Linux or someone belonging to the Administrators group for NT).

I hope this helps.
If necessary, you can ask more specific informations by email

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