António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I went out today and bought whiting ("pescada" in portuguese, a fish that apears regularlly here) for Pati Vesta.

She loves it!
She will left anything aside to be able to eat boilled whiting!

So I bought it as a true reward and sweet to her.
Her condition is somewhat stable today and I hope the new ointment I brought from the pharmacy will help the wound to close.
Well I must see with time how it evolves.

But I bought whiting and boilled it and gave it to her. It's truelly a reward to hear her purr after she ate the whole lot I gave her.
I would like to have given her more but I didn't as when it comes to whiting she simply doesn't kow where to stop!

So, by dinner, there will be more.
She deserves it and more.

Wish you all a very good weekend!

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