António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It's when we least expect than we find the best pearls!

I was reading the developers section of the Life Journal because I wanted to know more about the comunication protocol between the Live Journal client and the Live Journal servers and I founded the link to the BML language.

In fact, that is something that always interested me quite a lot as I'd never heared anything abount it until I discovered the Live Journal. And although I don't pretend to know EVERY thing that has been developed in the WEB area (languages and such) I think that I am quite informed about what exists although I don't know every one of them!
But I had never heared anything about BML.

So I was very pleased to discover links to BML and to find out the file to install BML in my own servers.
After reading about BML, I've noticed that it does exactelly what my THTML (Template Hyper Text Markup Language), which I started to define, whould do (and even more): a easy way to make templates which could be used after to produce the final HTML, replacing the variable parts with the final elements fot the page contents.
Maybe it won't replace my THTML but certainlly it will be quite usefull as I need a template mechanism right now and to finish the THTML specifications and make the code to handle it will take it's time.

So, another thing to include in the study time is BML.
Let's see what I can do with it!

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