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The turning point....
It seems that today its the day before a very important day...

If everything goes well, we and the owners of the house we want might reach an agreement to switch houses and pay the difference.

You see, they don't need a big one and would like to have a small one, for them, when they are here in Portugal.
We need a bigger one.
If we are going to sell this one to buy the other (I know I don't have the financial structure to have both....), it will have to financed by a bank with all its associated costs.
With a trade, there are almost no costs at all.

It's the fastest and cheapest solution, thus being the better one.
From what my wife has talked with them, the are interested and their daughter might come tomorrow, (if any unforsaken event doesn't arise) to see our home, as their parents aren't here, in Portugal.

So I'm up, cleaning and putting everything in their places all this night through as everything must be perfect tomorrow!

If they like this house I do believe that an agreement will be easy to achieve afterwards.

So, tomorrow, it's truly a important and decide day.

So, an it harm none,
Do what ye will!

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How's everything there?
Much snow?

LOL Too funny Antonio. You asked me that one other time. We don't get snow in Vancouver. Just rain. Months, and months of rain.

What a waste!... :-((
It's just like Lisbon...
Rain but when it is realy cold, it doesn't rain!

Too close to the ocean, that's why!

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