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We've been fighting hard to make a CheckPoint's Firewall-One in load sharing cluster with CheckPoint's SecurePlatform and ClusterXL but I think we've found out why it wasn't working as it should....

I assumed it did it's clustering stuff on IP (layer 3) but I've found out, at the hard way, through a Ethernet Packet Analizer, that it realy works at the ethernet level, which is Layer 2.

So that's why I couldn't get a response when pinging the cluster address in any of it's interfaces!

Anyway, the CheckPoint battle, implementing the 3 cluster firewalls has been hard but I've been learning a lot, which is good.
And I can only be thankfull for the fact that I do know how to improvise along the way as nothing that has been planned in advance could be implemented as planed due to a unforseen factors.

So, I'm here, at work, at 4h50 AM and finished some changes that made me have a free CISCO Catalyst 2900 which is supposed to be a switch that is compatible with the mode in which ClusterXL operates.
And, in facto, for the 1st time, with a switch, I can get a response from pinging the cluster's interface.

If everything goes well, tomorrow, I'll order for 4 switches like this one, to use in any of the cluster's 4 ethernet interfaces.
But I waht to be sure before asking for money to be spent.
It's not my money, directly, but it affects me anyway, as I don't feel at ease to spend other's money in vain.

Anyway, I'm a little more confident, now,

And I have one of the Nokia's IP130 unoperational but the cluster is still up, just with the other one.
It's a good test.

Yesterday, the first 60 persons started working on the new building and everything went smoothlly, without any fires to put out.
That's good.

On my part, besides the changes on the infrastructure, here, I have still servers to migrate to the new machines.
It's a funny work, though.

But the best part is to see what I designed, first on paper, starting to came to life and working!

And on another totally different subject, can anyone guess what I managed to find through the Internet?

The "Song of the Forest", op.81 by Dimitri Shostakovitch!
I grew up listening to it times and times again, so that the tape was almost useless.
And I've been searching for it for almost 15 years but could never find it in record or CD.

One night, when I was already on bed, I got up and went to the computer and started searching on Google for Shostakovirch works and, in 1st place, I could find the opus, which I didn't remembered after all these years.
From there it wasn't dificult until I could find someone in the huge world with the music, through WinMX!

Well, I'm going to leave here.
What I had to do, is already done and I'm going home to rest for a little as I do have a long working day ahead, tomorrow!

A good night to you all, here in LJ land!

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