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(no subject)
The CheckPoint FW-1 are quite interesting both on the Nokia IP appliances and on the CheckPoint Secure Platform on Intel....

Both are unix based and, from the familiarity of the commands, syslog messages, etc, I would say that is has a strong Linux influence.
So, so far, so good.

I have been learning a LOT although when we are learning something we like, time's never enough.

On another subject, I've again 3 little fishes; I had Nemo and Halley, after Lucky died, but now I have also Spotty.
Spotty is still in a separated tank has I don't wan't to take risks as we might have any disease that I couldn't spot, so far, and put all in danger.
When we have a small and closes environment, like a little aquarium, being careful is not to much.

The cat's do like, sometimes, to go and watch the "fish TV"....
And Rafael also loves to watch them!

Well, it's about 23h24m and I must go and prepare some milk bottles for my little and always hungry lion, as I don't have any prepared for his first meal, as he get's up in the morning!

See you all latter, here in LJ land (I hope) and a good night to you all!